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Best Way To Lose Weight

With more than 70% of the U.S. population being overweight, we need to stop looking for shortcut diets, and look for the best way to lose weight instead. Yoga Posing On Desert Summit

Dora’s Weight Loss Journey

Click below to see one of SCRATCH HEALTH's first Movement Class students, go from overweight, and depressed, to exactly where she wanted to be.

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The Scratch Health Philosophy

Health Always Comes Before Fitness - But At Some Point You Gotta Work Your Body

Too often we allow ourselves to believe that a pill or diet will give us the body, and life, we have always dreamed of. Deep down, in places we do not like to talk about, we know this is not the case. So rather than focus on why we think that way, which is a whole seminar unto itself, I figured it makes more sense to talk about training instead.

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