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NICOLAS ROMAN is on a mission to get his message of health and fitness to as many people as possible; and with 70% of the U.S. overweight or obese, he could not have begun at a better time. After going up and down in weight for over a decade, he finally made a decision to learn how he could gain control of his life, and get into shape so he could finally go after the life he truly desired. In the process, he learned a ton about how the mind works, why people do the things they do, health and fitness principles, and how they all tie together.

In 2010, he released, “Scratch Health – Shape A Whole New You In 90 Days,” a condensed version of the philosophy and methodology he now champions, and teaches, to students in his weekly classes in Ridgewood, NY. ¬†Besides teaching his findings, he continues to go out and find new information by interviewing experts in the field; and sharing these interviews with his inner circle group.

One of the major components of the Scratch Health philosophy is “Be a Student, and Not Just a Follower.” With health gurus, and DVD exercise instructors popping up every 30 seconds, it is important to understand how to incorporate new technology into your current health and fitness program; whatever that may be at the moment. One of the highlights of this system is that it is not bound by any particular philosophy, but instead resembles more of the mantra Bruce Lee stressed – “Be Like Water.”

Water adapts to whatever environment you put it in, and the Scratch Health system follows the same course because it focuses on principles – not practices. When you understand the reason why a result is created, you are now free to find as many ways to create the result. Health and fitness principles are old, and you probably have heard of many, or even all of them, but if you are not implementing them – then you still don’t “know” them; because to know, and not to do, is really not to know.

Please pick up a copy of “The Whole Truth,” a free report outlining the reasons why you want to see your physical health from a ¬†different perspective; and at the same time you will begin to receive free information from Nicolas on an on-going basis. Tips, ideas, recommendations, and even news about new product releases. We look forward to serving you, and providing you with the best information to help you lose weight, get in shape,and maintain your mind, body, and spirit; now, and for many years to come.

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