America’s New Slogan – Get Healthy And Get Fit

Lifting  dumbbells to get fit

Get Healthy and Get Fit America – Please!!

“Get healthy and get fit” must become the battle cry for the U.S. America, regrettably, has turned into the home of the couch potato. This country, for all it’s faults, is still seen as the land of opportunity, but if we continue down the path we are on – we won’t be that place in the future. Studies have revealed that by the year 2048, the U.S. could be filled with nothing but fat people. Yup, you read that correctly – a population made up of overweight people. I don’t know about you, but that not only gets me upset, it also gets me motivated to do something about it.

I understand that there are some people who just do not make water-based foods, like fruits and vegetables, a part of their every day diet, but this is ridiculous. 100% of the population could end up overweight and out of shape? We need to begin getting the phrase “get healthy and get fit” into every home, and make it stand for something more than the other empty slogans we see thrown on TV these days. In order to do that, we need to start educating people on what it means to be healthy and fit in a way that is both practical, and fun.

There are two mindsets that dominate the landscape when it comes to getting healthy and fit. There are the health gurus promoting a healthy lifestyle based on extreme changes in both movement and diet. These are the folks that want you to buy glass containers, and find a local spring to get your water from. They want you eating nothing but fresh organic food from the local market; and buying the best supplementation possible. The flip side to that are the people that talk health and fitness, but they do not move their bodies in any way, other than to get to, and from, work. They eat whatever is available, at any time of the day, and they stand behind the excuse of, ‘Well, you’re going to die anyway, right? You may as well go out doing what you want.” This is fine until they become sick, and regret ever saying those words in the first place.

The problem I have with these two lines of thought is just that – why is everybody fixated on just two lines of thought? What the heck happened to looking for options in any situation? One of the virtues many of the past leaders spoke of often was temperance, and although that word is synonymous with drinking alcohol, I think it’s safe to use it in all aspects of life. Whenever you allow yourself to indulge in anything that takes away time from other key areas of your life, and it doesn’t provide a long-term benefit, or doesn’t provide flexibility in order to give time to other things, it starts to become a problem, and will lead you down a path you probably do not want to end up on.

This can be said of the way most Americans live their life today, over-indulging in a diet that does not resemble nature in anyway, and expecting the drug companies to save them in their later years. It can also be said of health gurus, that set their lives up in ways that do not make room for other areas of life, many people value on a high level. For example, the two top experts on nutrition on the internet today, as far as I know and I could be wrong, are two guys that do not have their own families. They do not have wives or kids, and they set their lives up in ways that most people, who do have families, are not really able to model. If you attend their seminars, they are able to dispense a ton of information on nutrition; and you will learn a lot, but more than likely will end up not using any of it. Why? Because, with the lifestyle most people choose today, arranging it to fit these guru’s definition of health just isn’t practical.

The same goes for the fitness instructors we see all over the internet. Whether it’s the Billy Blanks or Tony Horton’s for men, or the Jillian Micheals and Denise Austin’s of the world for women, these folks want you to adopt their programs for becoming fit and in shape, and follow their routines every day, week in and week out. It’s almost comical to see how many people buy these programs expecting to end up looking like their favorite fitness instructor, without ever realizing that being a fitness instructor is how they make their money. If they get paid to teach others how to look good, don’t you think they should look good too? Of course, and they know that, so they put way more time and effort into looking good for their DVD covers than the stuff they show you in the actual DVD.

Don’t get it twisted, I’m not bashing them. I think these people are awesome and they created the path for others like myself to follow, but their path is not the only path; and to turn this around on it’s head, let me say this – with the amount of information all these gurus have laid out for us over the last thirty years, it’s embarrassing to know that we are headed towards an overweight society. These people have made the study of health and fitness their life, and then created the platform in which to share that information with the world; and what do we do with that? We buy it, praise them for their effort, and go out and buy a Big Mac.

If you want to get healthy right away, without spending a ton of cash on all the systems, philosophies, and ideas out there, here’s what I believe you need to focus on right now:
1) Always drink a lot of water.
2) Breathe fresh air into your system every day.
3) Sleep as many as hours as you can before you must start your day.
4) Eat whole foods as much as possible.
5) Exercise at least 4 times a week, with a strong focus on developing flexibility, endurance, and strength – in that order of importance.

If you can concentrate on those five elements, in time, I believe you will find yourself in the best shape of your life. “Get healthy and get fit,” say it to your family and all your buddies; and perhaps one day we can see real change when it comes to the well-being of our nation’s people, instead of a country filled with nothing but fat people; is that asking for too much?

Now that I’ve made my plea to the country, allow me to make my plea to you. There is no time like the present to take action, and if all you do is tell yourself, “I’ll get around to it later – you never will.” So get proactive, and click this link to read my book “Scratch Health – Shaping A WHOLE New You in 90 Days.” In it I cover six simple principles you can follow to put yourself on track to looking, and feeling, like a whole new you in just 90 days. If you are ready for a new result, you must be willing to open your mind to new ideas. Go ahead and take a look, it can only help.


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