Fitness Workouts Don’t Get You Fit For Life’s Adventures

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Fitness Workouts Don’t Prepare You For What Life Has To Offer

When it comes to the term ” fitness workouts,” what are some of the images that pop up in your head? When I think about, “fitness workouts,” the first few images that pop up are those aerobic-style workout programs, like the Richard Simmons and Jane Fonda videos that were put out during the 80’s. Think about it though,were either one of those celebrities fit enough, during that time period, to drop down and do 100 push ups? Ok, how about 50? Not likely.

Fitness workouts are great as a warm-up program, and help to build your lung capacity – no doubt about that. My challenge with this approach is that it limits the body to certain movements that aren’t going to help you develop the power to be able to go out and attack life with. If you want to play tennis, and I think “playing” something is a huge part of staying fit, or even engage in an activity that requires huge amounts of energy, like hiking, is going to require you put a little bit more into your training to be effective.

Having the ability to hike for hours on end, if this is one of the activities you enjoy taking part in, is exactly what you should be able to do when you’ve conditioned your body correctly. When you are “in shape,” you can play any sport, and depending on how knowledgeable you are about it, can be effective enough to make a difference in the game. I didn’t say you ‘d be great at all of them. In fact, you’ll probably be terrible in sports you know little about, because there are rules, and techniques to being good, but my point is that you ‘d be conditioned enough to be able to play.

Now turn that back around to what I mentioned early on the article. If your primary workout program consisted of nothing more than aerobic exercises that had you bending, stepping, or punching – would you then be able to play through an entire game of Flag Football with people who play that game all the time? “Flag Football” might sound like “football lite”, and from a purists perspective I guess that’s right, but there ‘s nothing “soft” about any of the people that play it, or the amount of effort needed to come victorious in the end.

There is a lot of physical contact, and injuries are a real part of the game. If all you have is great lung capacity, based upon all the hours of aerobic exercise you put in, you probably won’t be able to reach the end of the game due to all the contact that occurs during the game. If you don’t have a foundation of strength, to go along with your increased lung capacity, then you won’t have the endurance needed to not only finish the game – but be effective throughout the game as well.

In the end, it all returns to the outcome you were trying for. Than those kind of workouts are best for you if you desire to look and feel much better. If you wish to feel and look fantastic AND want to have the ability to play your sport or task at a high level, you’re going to have to do a little bit more to do so. Think about basketball. If all you ever did was aerobic training, would you be able to put in a full day at the basketball court? It’s possible, but more than likely you’d be your team’s weakest link. And even though basketball has less physical contact than football, it still requires endurance, strength and flexibility to be effective at it for any amount of time.

When it comes down to it though, whatever program you decide is likely going to be determined by your mental outlook on health and fitness. If social activities, like sports, don’t interest you very much, but you do want some type of movement in your life, than those aerobic-style workouts may be good enough. Be careful though, if all you do is the same kind of movement, every single day, you put other muscles in your body in a position to become weak, and you can suffer injury, or worse – on-going pain. If you are going to use these workouts, make sure to use different kinds.

On the other hand, if you want to play a sport, or activity, at a high level, and look good doing it, you’ will need to incorporate more movement into your overall fitness program. How about Kayaking? When i first saw this, I didn’t think this activity required someone to be at a high physical capacity. Anytime I saw someone in a Kayak, they were usually thin, how hard could it be right? Well, I was kayaking down a river, and I noticed the water getting more intense. before I could make any other adjustments, the rapids flipped me over, and I was up against a rock, stuck with my head under water. What do you think my first reaction was? I’m sure there are techniques to rolling out of a bad situation like that, but the first thing I did was use every bit of strength to force my body off the rock, and up towards the air. When it comes to drowning, the only thing you’re thinking about is that air; and I believe most people would instinctively try to use their strength to free themselves of that rock as well. If the strength isn’t there – you’re up the creek without a paddle.

Whatever program you decide to invest your time, energy, effort, and money into, make sure it can give you the tools you need to get your body to perform, when you need it to perform. Fitness workouts may fit your definition of a true movement program, and that’s fine – to each, their own. All I know is that people are not lazy, they just allow themselves to get caught up in thinking patterns that disempower them. When they learn of a way that can help them get what they want – they make it happen. If you find yourself there, look past those limiting beliefs, and go find a health and fitness solution that’s going to help you get there.

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