Bad Behavior Will End Up Causing You To Have Bad Results

It sounds simple enough, but the truth is hardly anyone ever follows simple, sound fundamentals today. If that was the case, the average working class person would live within their means instead of having over $15,000 in credit card debt. The average person, at least here in America, would eat a diet made up mostly of water-based foods, and not be overweight. And the worst stat of them all, if people had good behaviors set up around their health, than 1 out of 3 wouldn’t develop cancer at some point during their lifetime.

Now here’s the paradox, people know about the bad behavior they are engaged in . . . but they aren’t aware of all the bad behavior they are involved with.  This is simply a case of ignorance, and remember – ignorance does not mean you are stupid, it just means you are not aware yet. Here’s the thing though, once you do become aware, and continue with the same behavior, this is what is known as being “stupid.”

Yes, we are name-calling here folks, but that is where our society is at today. We are at a crisis point where the staff here at Scratch Health has been given the go-ahead to use whatever tactics necessary to get people’s attention about their health; and what they can do to expand their understanding of what that word really means.

You know that smoking cigarettes, eating fast food, not exercising, sitting down all day, and not getting out into nature enough is shortening your life – you know all this already, don’t you? We already have systems in place to overcome those obstacles, and we also have systems in  place to overcome all the rest – the challenge is you need to become aware of  what “the rest” entails. It is you responsibility to learn what that means, not just for you – but for your family, and their family years from now.

Make the effort to dive into the subject of health more over the next year, it will be one of the greatest investments you ever make in your life; and we hope to provide you as much sound information to help you in that process.

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Author: Nicolas Roman