Healthy Hangout Podcast – Episode 9 – Dr. William Courter

PODCAST: DOWNLOAD In this episode, Nick talks with Dr. Bill Courter, founder of The Boomer’s Health Institute; and author of “The Boomer Survivor Kit – An Indispensable Guide for Yourself * Your Relationships * Your Life.” The Greying Tsunami – Bill talks about the inspiration for the writing of his book, and the founding of […]

Healthy Hangout Podcast – Episode 8 – Karen Peterson

PODCAST: DOWNLOAD Why Typical Brain and Body Exercises Don’t Cut It – Karen explains why the status quo, when it comes to health and fitness for seniors, is simply not on pace with other areas of cutting-edge physical culture. Why Learning and Fun Are Keys To Staying Young in Body and Mind – If you aren’t […]

Healthy Hangout Podcast – Episode 7 – Greg Heinemann

PODCAST: DOWNLOAD The Background on The Egoscue Method – Greg talks about Pete Egoscue, and how he was able to start the process of creating a system that would allow someone to alleviate pain through simple movement – not manipulation. The Difference Between Dysfunction and Compensation – The body compensates due to the amount if dysfunction you […]

Healthy Hangout – Episode 6 – Nicolas & Protein Pete

PODCAST: DOWNLOAD Doing the Fundamentals – Many folks want to look great, and feel great, but too often, are not willing to implement the fundamentals. Resistance To Antibiotics – Nicolas discusses a new article that mentioned how the majority of people are becoming resistant to the medicine that normally would cure sickness and disease. Stretching […]

Healthy Hangout – Episode 5 – Nicolas & Protein Pete

PODCAST: DOWNLOAD Thyroid Gland – Pedro Cruz covers what the Thyroid does, and the issues that people deal with when it comes to their Thyroid. The Problem With Dieting – Nicolas discusses why dieting is such a disempowering word, and whythe way you look at food is key to getting the results you really want. […]