Build Yes Momentum To Help Achieve Your Health Goals Today

The issue many people face when setting health and fitness goals occurs just as soon as they make the goal up in their head. “I want to drop 15 pounds!”  They make the declaration, get all excited, and proceed to go do nothing. Why?! It’s easy, they never decided to take action once they thought up the goal. Until you take that first action towards the attainment of that goal, it’s really nothing more than a wish.

One of the easiest ways to make sure you really get started down the path of achievement is to start gathering up Yes Momentum. Yes Momentum is a term used in sales, but I applied it over to  health and fitness because the concept held true. It’s the idea of building up little wins over time, that eventually snowball into habits that you run unconscious. And I use “Yes,” because it feels good to scream that out as you check another activity off that gets you closer to your goal.

So let’s make this tactical practical now – you just set that goal to drop that weight right, but to create Yes Momentum, you are going to write that goal out in your journal with positive expectancy. If you don’t have a journal, first activity to do – go get a journal. Done? Great, scream out, “Yes!” Now write your goal out with total faith behind it. How do you do that? By wording it as if it is already a reality, because the weird truth is this – it already is. I know, I know – this seems very woo woo weirdo, but if you take a second to take about it, you’re going to realize just how true this is.

People who follow the principles of health and fitness, become health and fit. Once you start following the same principles, you will become healthy and fit – there is no way you will NOT become healthy and fit. How can I make that claim? Because these are principles, meaning they always work. Not becoming healthy and fit using these principles is like saying, “I  jumped off the roof yesterday, and I didn’t fall on the ground. I guess gravity wasn’t working today.” How ridiculous does that sound? Same applies to any principle, including those based around health and fitness.

So when you write your goal down as, “I am a healthy and fit (weight you desire to be at) Greek God/Goddess!!”  and know this is true because you know the health principles that will get you there; then all you have to do is follow those principles and your goal becomes a reality – it’s literally that simple. Simple doesn’t mean easy, but that’s why we’re building Yes Momentum – to make the process easier. So, you got your journal, w rote your goal in a way that empowers you – now go do one thing that will get you closer to your goal. It doesn’t matter what it is, as long as it’s something that is directly related to your goal. Once you get that done you have officially built up Yes Momentum.

The  key is to continue this streak. Do a little more everyday, and in time, what once took tons of mental energy for you to do, will become unconscious, like driving a car. In the beginning it took all your concentration – now we have laws in place to stop you from doing too many things while driving because driving becomes an easy skill. Go build Yes Momentum towards your goals, it’ll be the reason why you start achieving more of them this around.

Have you ever set a goal to become healthy and fit? Have you hit these goals with any consistency? Do you think all of this stuff doesn’t make a bit if difference at all? Let us know what you think down below in the comment section.

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Author: Nicolas Roman