12 week program – 12 one hour coaching sessions

How? – By giving you the “CANDI” (pronounced “candy”) formula – Constant And Never-ending Daily Improvement

We use the power of compound effort, which is the same as compound interest:

Albert Einstein

“Compound interest is the most powerful force in the universe.”

It can work for you or it will against you – just know that it does work, and it’s working every day. You just need to decide on which side of this thing you want to be on.

With the Scratch Health Coaching Program, we get you to use compound effort by focusing on CANDI.

CANDI is a strategy, and strategy is what you need to succeed. Strategy helps you to aim at something, before you fire all your efforts at it. Most people just hit the gym, eat more salads, and have a wait-and-see approach. That’s not a strategy – that’s hoping.

Constant And Never-ending Daily Improvement means just that, but we need to make it tactical practical – meaning, without a system to get you from point A to point B, and measure your results along the way – you’re going to lose interest, get bored, become frustrated – too many variables.

This is why I show you how to implement the 1% daily improvement solution

1% Daily Improvement Solution

  • Eat 1% better today than you did yesterday
  • Apply 1% more movement today then you did yesterday
  • Apply 1% more relaxation to your mind and body today than you did yesterday
  • Apply 1% more awareness to your posture today than you did yesterday
  • Drink 1% more water today than you did yesterday
  • Take in 1% more air into your system today than you did yesterday

Most people aren’t interested in improving their lives period, they say they are – but they really aren’t.

They like to buy things, like workout gear and equipment, because it makes them feel good – they mistake buying for results.

I have clients I personally trained that have shed almost 70 lbs of unwanted fat from their bodies in six months times. Others have lost over thirty pounds in 90 days; and still others have lost between 15-25 lbs in the same amount of time.  Yes, I’m sure you have heard the same kind of results on TV, and if you have, how is that plan working out for you so far?

Have you even started? if not, why not? See, I’m not on TV. I’m here in NYC, and I live in the same area where my clients train.  Unlike DVD courses that give you set workout plans, and unrealistic diet plans, I’m here in the trenches with you. I’m looking at your current level of health and vitality, and I’m creating plans for you based on where YOU are currently. Can a DVD do that?

See, some of you reading this will need to look into all the details of everything before you make a choice. You may look at the 1% daily solution, and say, “Hey, if I improve by 1% every day for the next 90 days, that would be 90%, or 0.90x better than I was when I started. That means I wouldn’t even be 1x better than I am today!”

And that math could be enough to discourage you from continuing; but if you are not where you want to be in your life, physically, than understand that it only because of one thing, and one thing only – your mindset.  See, even if you only progress by 1% – progress is progress, period – you want to be better than you were yesterday, even if it’s a only a couple of percentage points better.

And the truth is that math is wrong – in 90 days, you would not be 0.90x better, you would be 2x better, because your efforts don’t add on top of each other – they compound, they multiply.

In fact, if you follow the plan I’m going to lay out for you during the 12 weeks we’re together, you’re going to put yourself into position to improve every day for a whole year, and when you improve your efforts by 1% everyday – at the end of the year you will be 37x better than you were when you started.

Your health habits will be totally different – your movement habits will be different – how you think about your health and fitness will not resemble the way you think today.

And these are the results many of my clients are already experiencing. Understand this one concept of my Scratch Health Coaching Cycle – getting into the best shape you have had in years is not possible with this program – it is inevitable . . . if you are committed.

But we need to start where you stand – and before you can be 37x better than you are today, you need to  be 2x better first; and that will happen when you follow the program I have laid out for you

Here’s what the program entails:

90 Day Cycle

  • Filling out and talking through the Scratch Pad
  • Learning why you do what you do
  • Learning HOW you do what you do
  • Developing Replacement Patterns for all your current negative habit patterns pertaining to health and fitness
  • Developing a meal plan designed specifically for you
  • Developing a movement plan that coincides with the classes
  • And much, much more . . .

If I can show you how to get in the best shape you have been in years, after years of being sick, fat, tired, and living life at a fraction of what you know is possible, and more importantly – what you know you deserve – and the price was $10,000 – would it be worth it?

Think about it; if you could do things you were not able to do before, or have not done in years, like having the energy to go after your life dreams and goals, attract the kind of person you thought you never had a shot at at, or just have the energy to play sports again; and I helped you get that life; simply by getting you into shape and living Scratch Healthy – would it be worth $10,000?

Personally,  I don’t think you could put a price tag on it, but as a business person I need to be able to do just that. So, this program will is justly priced at $5,000 for 3 months. But you aren’t getting the 6 months with me, you’re getting 3 months, which makes it $2,500.

That’s $2,500 to help you double your results and start the process of re-engineering your life today – imagine going into winter of 2014 looking and feeling your best, instead of making plans to buy a membership at a gym because you know you are going to eat too much over the holidays, and get even more sick, more fat, and more disgusted – and then imagine starting 2015 in that place. That’s where most people will start the New Year from . . . do you want to be like everybody else?

Is that where YOU want to start the New Year from? I can tell you one of the hardest moments in my life that stays with me to this day is the day when a girl not only broke my heart – she broke my spirit. I was looking to ask a girl I really liked in Junior High School, to the Junior Prom.

She told me no, and that hurt; but that wasn’t the worst of it. She said,

“I think you’re cute, but you’re too fat.”

I was crushed. Not because she said no, but because I actually had a chance to go with her; and the only reason why I couldn’t was because I was fat.

Even years later, when I would let my weight go and gain 10-15 pounds, that time and place would creep into my mind, and I would immediately shed the weight. And although I injured my left shoulder last year, I have still managed to maintain my shape; and live an active lifestyle.

I was working out late at night about twelve months ago, when I incorrectly racked a barbell with more than 200 lbs on. In case you haven’t noticed, I am a relatively small guy. I only weigh 160 lbs and am able to bench press, dead lift, and squat more than my current weight.  However, I made the mistake of going into the gym tired, and unfocused. I lost control of the bar, and ended up injuring my shoulder in the process. 

I went to one of Pete Egoscue’s clinics in Westchester, an advanced technologies center dedicated to rebuilding health through proper body alignment, and had my posture and gait examined by clinic director, Greg Heinemann. He was able to identify the problem areas, and gave me a menu of exercises to do everyday which has helped to alleviate the pain.

Although I am not 100% yet, I have  increased my range of motion, and have even started boxing again. This injury will not prevent me from reaching new levels of health and fitness – and everything I’m learning to use on my own body I will be sharing with my coaching clients – you guys/gals will be on the front lines of cutting-edge technology that will help us both achieve things in our lives we once thought were impossible.

Because of that, I’m making the program accessible to everyone by dropping the price again, and even adding a payment plan – it’s $497 upfront, and $347 every month for the next 3 months.

Now the truth is, this is an investment; and like any investment, you expect to see a return on your money. I have the results to back up my program. It’s not theory, and I have testimonials to back it up. Realize that all my clients created their results using only a pieces of my system – what could you achieve if I gave you the whole system? What if I gave it to you in a way that was made specifically for you, and your body type, and living situation? Would it be worth it then?

I believe it is, and it’s why I’m NOT charging you $2,500, when I could, and could easily get it from those who want to look good by the time summer rolls around. However, I am only lowering the amount for a select few, and if you are reading this webpage it is because you know someone who knows me, and felt you were ready for a program like this. If that is the case, you want to thank that person deeply, because they truly care for you.

This program is available to you now for an upfront setup fee of $497, where we meet, and I determine if you are the right person for this program. If I feel like this program will not benefit you, I will refund you back the upfront payment, and we will part as friends. This program is not for everyone, and in our first meeting I will make that determination.

Just so you know, this offer can be taken down at any point, and I may never offer this price point again in the future. In most likelihood I won’t. I am in the process of bringing this program to the masses, and I am going to put a lot of energy into making that a possibility. If you are prepared to move ahead now, while I still have the time, I am ready to work with you, and help guide you on your path to health and vitality.

I understand that for some of you, this may not fit your budget, and I appreciate that, but nothing that was ever valued was ever achieved without some level of price paid or sacrifice made – for your health and fitness, you will need to do both.

If your health and fitness are important to you, than this is a no-brainer – and to help those who are in a position to help themselves – when you pay for the program in full today, a program I feel is worth at least $10,000, you get in for a flat fee of $1,200.

$100 a week to have me coach you for 12 weeks with a goal of making you twice as healthy as you are today – I don’t need to sell this to you because this program literally sells itself. Whoever’s ready to get started today, click on the button below with the amount that makes the most sense, and let’s begin

$497 Setup Fee – 3 monthly installments of $347

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$1,200 Flat Fee

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I am so confident you will be thrilled with your results,  if after 90 days you feel I did not live up to my end of the deal, and give you all the tools, information, resources, and motivation needed to get you to the next level  – I will give you back every dollar you invested into the program . . . as long as you can look at yourself in the mirror, and say you gave everything you had to my program, and it didn’t get you any results, then you will get back every cent – guaranteed


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