Healthy Hangout – Episode 6 – Nicolas & Protein Pete


Doing the Fundamentals – Many folks want to look great, and feel great, but too often, are not willing to implement the

Episode 6

Episode 6


Resistance To Antibiotics – Nicolas discusses a new article that mentioned how the majority of people are becoming resistant to the medicine that normally would cure sickness and disease.

Stretching Relieves More Tension – Nicolas and Pedro talk about the benefits of structural extension, which includes the movement of lymph.

The Insanity Of Today’s Fitness Programs – Nicolas talks about why today’s workout programs have done nothing to slow down the rate of obesity happening in this country right now.

The SCRATCH System As A Coach – Nicolas talk about why he created the system in a way so that the system itself, feels like it’s your own personal coach, because it’s one of the few, if not the only, health and fitness program, that starts first with the mind, before moving on to the physical.

Exercises To Firm Up Buns – Pedro brings out the exercises he feels women need to do to be able to firm up their glutes for the summer.

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Author: Nicolas Roman