Healthy Hangout Podcast – Episode 4 – Nicolas & Protein Pete


Health and Fitness are a Product Of The Mind – Nicolas explains that every person has all they need to create the body theyHealthy-Hangout-Podcast-Episode4 truly desire. Losing weight cannot be found in a pill. Getting stronger is not found in an expensive piece of equipment. Increasing energy is not in a drink. It all starts, and ends, in your mind.

Build Your Program On Principles – There are literally dozens, if not hundreds, of ways to lose weight, increase strength, build up stamina, and all the rest. The step-by-step process is not as important as the reasons why you are taking those steps in the first place.

You Need Reasons To help Pull You Through The Hard Times – When things get tough, most people fold as soon as the road becomes difficult. But, as Nicolas explains, having the reasons that will get you pumped up, fired up, and super-excited is essential to get the results you want.

How To Put Passion Into Your Training Program – One of the reasons why people give up on their health and fitness goals is because the work involved becomes drudgery. One of the best ways to avoid that happening in your own life, is to focus your training in areas that you really like to be engaged with. From boxing to tennis, and from dancing to swimming, there is always something you can do, that you also enjoy, that can help you get your results, while enjoying the process simultaneously. 

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Author: Nicolas Roman