Healthy Hangout Podcast – Episode 7 – Greg Heinemann


The Background on The Egoscue Method – Greg talks about Pete Egoscue, and how he was able to start the process of creating a system that would allow someone to alleviate pain through simple movement – not manipulation.


The Difference Between Dysfunction and Compensation – The body compensates due to the amount if dysfunction you have happening in your body. Too often, people focus on where the pain is, instead of where the actual problem is – Greg discusses how this can often to frustration when trying to alleviate pain.

Why Playing Outside Is Important – Greg talks about movement, and why our kids need movement to help ward off many of the health problems with see in today’s youth

How The Minimalist Movement Affects Posture – Greg talks about how minimalist footwear is such a great advancement for our health heading into the future – AS LONG as posture is correct before you begin using this footwear.

Why Egoscue Exercises Must Be Done Daily – Unfortunately, you’ve been using the posture that you currently have for a lot longer than the solution we are providing with our exercises. Although you may be pain-free for a few days, if you do not continue doing the exercises – your body will revert back to it’s incorrect posture, and then will lead back to pain.

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