Healthy Hangout Podcast – Episode 9 – Dr. William Courter


In this episode, Nick talks with Dr. Bill Courter, founder of The Boomer’s Health Institute; and author of “The Boomer Survivor Kit – An Indispensable Guide for Yourself * Your Relationships * Your Life.”

The Greying Tsunami – Bill talks about the inspiration for the writing of his book, and the founding of his institute. The growing old of millions of people who tend to give up on life once they enter their golden years.


The 80/20 Rule For Happiness – 20% of everything you will ever do in your life will create 80% of the joy and happiness you feel. Bill talks about how you can expand that 20% to make sure that joy and happiness is ever-present.

Why Taking Responsibility Of Your Health Is Critical; Especially As You Age – Dr. Courter stresses focusing on diet, and what’s being eaten, to help aid in the reduction of prescriptions that many Americans focus solely on.

How Food Being Created Today Is Made For Marketing Purposes, Not Health Purposes – An example Bill uses is Gluten, which is now 40x more prevalent in wheat today than it was just 25 years ago. Gluten, in it’s Latin-base, is “glue.” The reason for this glue is to make sure the pastries and breads look just as good a few weeks from now, as they did when they first hit the shelf.

The Financial Reasons For Getting Healthy Now Far Outweigh Any Budgetary Reasons For Not Getting Started – Unfortunately, many people are quick to point out how expensive organic food is. They rationalize why they need to keep eating the foods they’ve been eating. In this short segment, Bill explains how the average net worth for a couple age 65 is a little less then $167,000; but the amount they will have to pay for medical costs is more than double. In other words, they cannot afford to be unhealthy; so why pursue that less than ideal goal?

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