How You See Yourself Will Determine The Body Others Will See

It doesn’t matter if you drop ten pounds, or in some extreme cases, one hundred pounds, at some point, you will gain it all back, and a few more for good measure – if you continue to see yourself as a fat person. Same goes for you skinny-fat people out there. You know who you are – you are not obese, or even massively overweight – but you have a gut, you’re out of shape, and you have little energy to  go after what you really want. If that’s you, then this here applies to as well.

If you continue to form the picture in your mind’s eye of your current reality as being your permanent reality, than that is exactly what you are going to produce. Here’s another truth – if you never tend to think about this stuff at all, you will also  maintain the status you have now because whatever you give your attention is where your focus will go. If you are focused on your work, or hobbies, or food, and not on eating clean, or moving your body in a way that helps you become fit and strong, guess what? You get to stay where you are!

If that doesn’t sound like something you want in your life going forward, you have to either change the picture you have in your head of who you are, to the person you want to become. If you never think about this stuff, you need to start forming a picture in your mind about how you would like to look, move, and feel. Only when you see it in your mind, and make a decision to become that way, will you ever put yourself into position to turn it into reality.

The mentals, when it comes to your health and fitness, are probably more important than the actual work needed to get there, so start building your mental muscles now for the future you want to create.

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Author: Nicolas Roman