One System that Bridges the Gap Between Soft Body Beginners and Fitness Gurus

Go from Overweight and Out of Shape to Healthier and Fit in Weeks By Using The ‘Guru” Level Secrets and Techniques that are Now Yours!

If that’s the case I believe you’re going to want on a bit further.

My name is Nicolas Roman and if you’re reading this page, it’s probably because you are as frustrated now as I was 18 months ago. You see, I know what it feels like to live in a body you are totally ashamed of, having zero self-confidence in your physical abilities and in your overall life as well.727x918jpg

My story isn’t the typical, “I was fat and now I’m made of rock hard muscle – buy my stuff!” you see all over the internet nowadays. The truth is my story, like life, is a whole lot more complicated than that.

I grew up in a home of overweight people.

Everyone who I grew up with was at least 25 lbs overweight, with some being as much as 100 lbs overweight. What makes this story interesting was the fact that I was the only one who wasn’t overweight . . . in fact, I was downright skinny!

img003They used to call me “Speedy Gonzalez,” after the cartoon character, because I could never sit still. All I did was run around the house and get into trouble.

But all that came to an end when I developed Mononucleosis or Mono, a condition the causes extreme exhaustion, sore throat, swollen glands, and chills or fever.

This thing stopped me in my tracks cold.

Now, Mono usually lasts a few weeks and disappears.

Incredibly, I had Mono for several months, and while I had it I also developed a whooping cough as well.

Long story short, I was out of the school system for almost 2 whole years with this hybrid condition.

Now what does a kid do if he’s sick and stays at home? That’s right, watch a lot of TV . . . and that’s all I did – for 2 years.

I gained almost 50 pounds during that span of time and I officially became a part of the family!

In fact, I grew to like being fat. Being fat, I wasn’t expected to run or play because fat kids don’t run and play – they img004watch. And I liked being immobile, because I knew how hard it was for me to move around with all that weight – it was exhausting!

So I became and stayed heavy for almost 5 years.

I had forgotten what it was like to NOT be fat as I was entering my teenage years, but thankfully I had the wake up call of a lifetime.

img007A girl I asked to go the prom with turned me down flat by telling me, “I think you’re cute, but you’re too fat.”

The truth hurts and it did that day for sure. I made a decision to lose all the weight . . .and I did.

I even went beyond my own expectations.

I started using my brother’s beat up Joe Weider weight set to start pumping weight and after awhile, I started to believe my own hype – you couldn’t tell me I wasn’t the cat’s pajamas!!

I became a pretty good basketball player while working off my weight and I could’ve YoungNickmusclesmade something of those skills but I decided to leave school and start a family at the age of 18.

Not knowing how difficult life would become having made such a poor decision, I became depressed and guess what?

That’s right, I stopped exercising and eating right and I ballooned – I gained almost 25 lbs in a few short months.

524774_638816876132026_1237394433_nBelieve me when I tell you, you have to work hard at getting that heavy that fast! I was able to get myself back in control and I did manage to lose some weight, but it had nothing to do with anything other than lowering the amount of food I was eating on a daily basis.

You can maintain a normal amount of weight on your frame by eating less crappy food, and do it without exercising or eating correctly.

But that’s like taking a Lamborghini out for a spin, and driving in the back streets of your neighborhood with regular gas in the tank – you can do it, but it was not designed for the kind of that use, with that kind of fuel – same goes for your body.

You’re not maximizing your health when you refuse to follow those two simple rules. Although I lost some weight, I was still overweight but what I hated most was being grossly out of shape. I had aches and pains I couldn’t shake and I was always lethargic.

Here’s a laundry list of what I was experiencing through this phase of my life:

  • I never had any energy past 2pm
  • Normal every day things on my to-do list became harder and harder to accomplish
  • My self-confidence was shaken
  • I didn’t feel like a stud anymore
  • I felt stuck in a body that I knew was not ‘me’
  • I found myself dressing in sweat pants whenever I wasn’t at work because it felt looser
  • I was always coming down with a cold or something like it every other week
  • My knees were always sore

This was my life and I had accepted it as normal. Truth is, I stayed that way for almost a decade before I IMG_0197made a decision to get my life back in order again.

I had consciously made a decision to stay living out of that laundry list above for almost a decade and I wasn’t going to do it again for another decade!

I started the way most people start when they want to learn about a topic, I started reading books on becoming in shape. I became confused after the first three books because each book said to follow a totally different plan – I didn’t know who to believe!

Then I changed my approach, I only read books from people that I wanted to look like.

Unfortunately, that only got me so far because genetics plays a major role in how you develop as you progress through your training.

IMG_1289So here I was working out like an animal, getting stronger than I had ever been, but I was spending hours everyday just to do so, and I wasn’t really even in great  shape. Perhaps, most frustrating of all – I was still sick and tired all the time.

So, once again, I switched it up and started leaning towards nutrition and read a bunch of books from the world’s top nutritionists and I got healthier, and I felt better.

The problem was the “nutrition” part was costing me a fortune in money and time, because of all the preparation that went into my meals.

The price I was paying for proper nutrition was cutting into my gym time and I plateaued. So I asked myself the question, “How can I get as healthy as I could, while staying on a budget I could afford, and get in even better shape – without spending all day to do so?”

Pretty simple question, right?

photo 2

Total Stud Muffin

I came upon a few simple truths I found repeating themselves through many of the diet plans and workout programs I had been on.

It was these ideas that brought back more than 80% of the results and I thought to myself, “Why keep all the rest of this crap that brings about the least change and instead, focus on the key ideas that bring about the most change?”

Like my sales trainer used to me, “Save the best and leave the rest.” I started piecing my plan together, refined it and made it in such a way that a kid could read it and start applying it the same day.

Anyone can follow this plan, it’s literally that simple – here are just some of the benefits you’ll receive when you begin applying the Scratch Health formula:

Scratch Health Benefits

  • Ability to create and maintain energy for longer periods of time
  • Less anxiety
  • A detoxified body and mind
  • A reduction in blood pressure
  • Learn to work with the Law of Calories and not against it
  • Elimination of the aches and pains attributed to ‘non-use’ or ‘old age’
  • Less neck, shoulder and upper back fatigue
  • Greater ability to concentrate
  • Better posture
  • Flatter stomach
  • Keep more money in your pocket because you do not need to use flashy gym equipment
  • Get in great shape in half the time than you would with a gym membership

The truth is most fitness gurus know exactly what gets you to lose weight and regain your health in weeks, why do you think all these celebrities can go up and down in weight on command?

It isn’t because they’re better you, or have been endowed with special abilities – it’s because their coaches knew exactly what they needed to do to achieve the outcome they were looking for.

And like with most things in life – money talks! When a huge star, comes to you and says, “I need to drop 30 pounds for this role I have coming up in 2 months, can you get me there?” – do you think that fitness guru is going to tell them the same stuff they told you in their book?

No, they’re not, and it isn’t because they’re bad people or telling you lies – it’s because too much information in a book can lead to overwhelm. SO more times than not, an author will drop a few pearls of wisdom in between a ton of filler!

This ensures the reader enough information to get to a certain level of fitness before the next book or program comes out. In essence, the fitness gurus give a little information at one time because they believe that if they give all their best stuff, it may be too much for people to handle and they won’t get anything done.

I say different . . . I think if you give people EXACTLY what they need to know to get the results they’re after, they will figure out the rest. I know that if there had been a program out there that taught me a simple set of ideas that could be the foundation for my health, and would allow me to add other ideas as I went on – that would’ve been the first program in my library.

See, oftentimes, a program will be so strict in its implementation that it would discourage you from trying anything else that might complement the program. With Scratch Health, you get your hands on 6 fundamentals to health – that’s it.

Life, as complex as it is, is also just as simple – health is the same way. These 6 fundamentals will help you regain your balance and will allow you to have a sound foundation you can build upon going forward, throughout the rest of your life.

The Scratch Health Formula will:

  • Show you the 3 steps you must take before you begin any health program (almost every person buying a new diet or workout program will never follow these steps and it’ll be the reason why they fail)
  • Explain why having consistent results will always beat out a crash diet or an “abs-in-10-minutes” workout program.
  • Get you to understand that making a habit of following guarantees is always the first key of success (Here’s a hint: Napolean Hill wrote a book with 13 of these guarantees in it)
  • Point out a book in your doctor’s office that he/she references to get information on specific drugs they are going to prescribe to you (and not one single drug in there is 100% safe)
  • Outline the emerging effectiveness of placebos and why you need to start taking a closer look at your own medication
  • Introduce you to the “Disease Triad” and explain the pieces that make it up. (Chances are you are experiencing at least 2 of these right now . . . and all you need is two for disease to set in)
  • List 3 sets of people, and explain why you must be very careful about which group you spend most of your time with
  • Give you the reasons why not drinking the correct amount of water could render all your workouts pointless
  • Cover the theory of proper water consumption through the foods we eat – and why that theory is flawed (follow this theory for too long and you could end up in some serious trouble)
  • Explain why drinking MORE water when you’re swollen makes the most sense (this means drinking more on days when even your fat pants are tight!)
  • Go over Sustainable Energy and the 5 Sparks needed to keep that energy flowing through your body
  • Point out why sleeping in on the weekends is the worst thing you can do for your health (don’t worry – you’re going to learn how to sleep like you slept 10 hours in only 6 or 7, and even less!)
  • Give you free, unlimited access to a very important vitamin that you are probably low in, and is one of the most important vitamins you can have

  • Get you to understand why Will Power will never work (nature abhors a vacuum)
  • Uncover a river of information in your body that has 4x more fluid than your blood and if used correctly, can you help you shed weight at breakneck speeds!
  • Make your mom seem like a genius . . . there was a scientific reason behind “Stand up straight!” (If you don’t follow this old school rule – you will be in for a whole lot of new school medicine to offset the pain you’ll be experiencing)
  • Help you unleash your body’s stored energy when you implement the the 3 stages of proper nutrition
  • And unbelievably, much, much more . . .

Time to move forward, we’ve covered a little bit of my story, and my reasons for wanting to change my life – what are your reasons? What are your dreams? Have you given up on many of them simply because you lack the power and energy to go after them?

If that’s the the case – you have no more excuses – here is a blueprint you can use, starting as soon as today, to get yourself back in motion; toward the life you know you truly deserve.

Hey, don’t just take my word for it. I shared my work with people who were in real athletic shape, and even they were blown away by this information.

Marc Anthony Torres - Former Sparring Partner To Several Champion Boxers

“Fitness and health are always talked about together, and even I thought of them as the same – the Scratch Health philosophy will drill that idea right out of your head by the time you finish this book – a  must read!”


When you purchase Scratch Health today, you also get a whitepaper, a Mind Map, and two FREE reports added to your order. The first up is a whitepaper I wrote a few years back titled, “3 Steps That Will Dramatically Increase Your Health,” and interestingly enough, the information is as relevant today as it was when I wrote it back in 2010. Next is a Mind Map I put together that gives you a visual representation of what the book covers.


Third is a report titled, “The WHOLE Truth,” which starts with debunking 3 popular myths surrounding health and fitness today. Afterward, I switch it up and give you 3 mental shifts you need to make in your life in order to be able to get the results you desire.


The fourth bonus, and last report, is titled, “The Energy Factory.” in this report, I explain to you what an energy factory is, how it doesn’t have energy – it creates energy, and  what you need to do to get the energy factory working for you.

Energy Factory Cover Updated2

In addition to these 3 whitepapers and Mind Map, you also get a  2-week trial of the Scratch Health Updates, where every month you receive ideas, tips, recipes, and cutting edge strategies to keep you focused on the road to health and fitness.

Down below you have a money-back guarantee, up above here you have the endorsement of a former boxer who was already in better shape than many of us will ever get to experience – what else are you waiting for?

Hit the ‘Add To Cart’ below and get started taking care of the one asset that will bring back the greatest return on your investment you will ever experience – your health!

Our 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

If You Do Not Find The Information In This Book To Be Of Serious Value, Contact Us Within 30 Days Of Purchase, And We Will Refund Your Money


  • The Digital Copy of Scratch Health – A Blueprint For Health That is Starting to Get Some Serious Attention
  • A Mind Map that Will Outline the Scratch Health Philosophy in a Visual Format
  •  2 Reports That Complement The Scratch Health Foundation


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