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How About “Playing” Your Way Into Great Shape?

The very best weight loss program on the market today happens to be absolutely free. In fact, everybody has done it, at one time or another in their life; and if they were honest – they would love to start doing it again. Yup, you got it (I know you re-read the title just to figure out out) and “playing” is the easiest way to lose weight, and get into shape. Now, to be fair, going to the gym is another way I get to play as well. When we were little, we had the jungle gym in school, or we played at the local park – on the monkey bars. For some reason, monkey bars are no longer available at any of the parks here in New York City, but if you had the opportunity to get on those bad boys – that was one heck of a workout!

Well, going to the gym is like the playground for adults , at least that’s the way I see it. However, there are some people who attach a negative meaning or feeling to the word “gym ,” and they make every excuse in the book not to go – so they don’t. If that’s you, then may I suggest learning how to play again? It’s not as expensive as the gym, and you can do it pretty much whenever you want. There are consequences you will have to deal with, just like you would if you had gone to the gym. The next morning you will be sore, and you will probably be sore for the next few days – that’s good. Like the Marines tell the new recruits at boot camp, “pain is weakness leaving the body.” Getting in shape, or losing weight, does not come without it’s price – everything in life you will end up paying for, at one point or another.

For now though, shut all that out, and focus on an activity – a physical activity – you used to love to play before that you don’t play at all today. Now that you’ve thought about it … go do it! Was that simple enough ? I know, I know, you have to “prepare” first, right? You have to go out and buy the new sneakers, or the new workout gear – here’s the thing – whatever you need to do to keep yourself motivated to get in shape, and stay in shape, do it. With that being said, let’s cover a few house rules when it comes to this playing thing.

1) Do Not Bother Organizing When getting Started – if you’re going to begin playing basketball, DO NOT sign up with a team, or get involved in any tournaments. In fact, don’t even try to play pick-up games with experienced street ballers at the park or fitness centers you’ll be playing at. If you go down that path, you will not only be embarrassed, you will probably end up hurting yourself in the process. At this point of the process, all you want to do is play – take jump shots, foul shots, lay-ups, etc. Just play whatever sport decide to start, no need to rush the process.

2) The Walking Dead Don’t Run For A Reason – The zombies in one of my favorite shows, “The Walking Dead,” are dead people, whose muscles have atrophied, but because of some weird pathogen in the system, causes them to come alive in a zombie-fied state. Their muscles are dead, but through sheer will, they go after food. In a way, your body is going to be like that too. if you have not moved your body in years, your muscles have atrophied; and it will take an extended amount of effort, and time, to get them working properly again. In the beginning, you do not want to participate in static stretches. The kind most people do, where they stretch out, and hold a stretch for a few seconds – this is dangerous when getting warmed-up. You want to warm-up with dynamic movements. Movements that will get the blood pumping, but gentle enough so they won’t injure you, like skipping – yes, as silly as that sounds, skipping is a great way to warm-up the body for a workout, or in this case, “playing.”

3) Satisfy The Urge, Then Stop – Remember, you’re going out to play to knock out two birds with one stone. You want to get your body in shape, and lose any excess fat you may have hanging off your body; and you want to do it in the most enjoyable way possible. What you don’t want to do is become emotionally hijacked into believing you have to be the very best at a sport you weren’t even playing a week ago; or hadn’t been playing for the past decade. The need to reign in your ego at this point is crucial. You want to play, and when you get tired, you push yourself a little before deciding to quit. This is the formula you want to use every time you go back out to play. If you end up doing too much, too soon, you might create too much soreness for you to be able to work through before your next session; and missing sessions when you’re first getting started is a formula for failure.

4) End each session with “Static Stretches” – take an additional fifteen minutes to go with a sequence of fixed stretches. One way to avoid injury, or at least position you to help avoid injury, is warming-up with dynamic stretches before your play session, playing all out, and stretching down with static stretches, the kind people usually do before they start their workout. Some fitness instructors stress a post-workout stretch session to help keep muscle flexibility, and your “after-burn;” more commonly known as the Exercise Post-Oxygen Usage or (EPOC.) This is where your body burns calories even after you stop working out.

Before you start gearing up for the “after-burn” realize that takes a while before you get to start kicking in. If you follow the “House rules For Playing,” you will start getting your back into position to be able to do things you weren’t able to do when you were at peak – years ago. Believe me, I have seen people start doing things they thought were impossible, and the truth is nothing is impossible when you have Faith in yourself. Want to start building up the Faith in yourself? Start exercising and holding yourself accountable – self-esteem will help lead you into Faith. Too much to go over right now, but make sure you start the best exercise program on the market today, tomorrow if you need a day to think about it.

So have you decided to start playing? I hope you decided to do something, and while you’re in decision-making mode, I’m going to ask you to make one more. Pick up your copy of my book, “Scratch Health – Shaping A WHOLE New You in 90 Days.” I cover six, easy-to-follow principles to put yourself on track to looking, and feeling, like a whole new you in just 90 days. Don’t over think this, just go take a look –  it can only help.


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