What You Feed Your Mind Will Begin To Show On Your Body

We have this belief that health is something that must be achieved, and that is so far off base it’s not hard to see why we are degenerating as a species at such a rapid pace. Technology has allowed us to live longer now, but in replacing our basic needs with technology, we’ve also replaced quality of life with quantity. How many old folks do you see today that inspire you to get yourself healthy and fit – not many. In fact, many of them can cause you to be afraid to get old, don’t they?

Health is not achieved. You just decide to be healthy, and when you do that – you are.  Sounds ridiculous I know, but I’ve noticed the more complex we  make life, the harder we’ve made it for us to be happy in. So now I try to make everything as simple as possible. we already have issues we need to deal with that require us to think in deep and complex ways, we shouldn’t have to drag that level of thought over to our personal lives as well. It’s real simple, learn what healthy means and start following what you learned – done!

See, health begins in the mind before you can start feeling it in your  body. You have to decide that being, and living, health is something you truly desire. If you do not make this mental pact with yourself, everything you read, watch, or buy is never going to get you to where you want to be. And if you’ve ever wandered into the deep recesses of your own mind, and I suggest you do from time to time, you are going to find that what you have up in there may not be what’s going to help you become healthy at all.

Your beliefs determine the quality of the life you end up living. Realize that this does not mean the life you have already lived. We cannot go back – that time has come and gone. We have no power over the past, and can only use it as a way to learn what works and what doesn’t – that’s all. The life you have in front of you will be determined  by the actions you put in place today. The actions you put in place today are determined by what you believe you can, and will, do today.

What are you feeding your mind? What beliefs do you already have that serve you? What beliefs do you wan to install that could serve you if you made them a part of your belief system? Do you even care?! Let us know you are alive in the comment section down below

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Author: Nicolas Roman