Why You Want To Implement Exercise Training Programs

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Exercise Training Programs Get You On The Path To Health and Fitness

In today’s world, with food available to us wherever we want, and whenever we want it, it’s important to pay attention to what we eat; and how much of it we eat as well. When it comes to natural weight-loss, your diet, and the exercise training programs you decide to put into effect, will be the difference between a life with an over abundance of energy, or being unable to soak up everything life has to offer because you’re too sick, and tired to do so. Our society, here in North America, has forgotten how critical “movement” is to long-term well-being; and instead only sees it as a short-term solution to losing weight.

Workout training programs are all the rage nowadays, with physical fitness centers providing programs that range from little groups of people working out together, to what is now referred to as “yoga-fusion,” a mix of Yoga and aerobic-style exercises. IDEA’s 2010 annual fitness programs and equipment trends survey reported discovering a boost in workout formats with modest or uncomplicated choreography. In other words, if something is too complicated, or takes up too much of their time – people give up.

When students first start my class, I tell them they are there for one, or all, of these three reasons:

  1. They want to get into shape
  2. They want to look better
  3. They want to feel better

And I get them to understand why remembering these three outcomes are so important, because at some point, they will be under intense pressure from work or family issues, and they will forget their reasons. If they don’t have a way of remembering, or being held accountable, they will stop the program, and everything they worked towards will start going away. But I know that just knowing why they want to stick to an exercise program is not enough for my clients either. Because of the amount of attention-grabbing devices we have available to us nowadays, if I want them to stick to a program that’s going to get them results, I need to make sure the program is not overly-complicated but gives them enough variety to keep them engaged- simplicity always trumps the complex.

This is why Yoga is seeing a rise in popularity these days. Although there are, literally, an endless amount of Yoga positions, in the bgeinning, due to lack of flexibility, in both mind and body, most people are only able to get through the most simple of sessions. But they also get to see what’s possible when they see their instructor, or others, go through their own workout, and this gives people an incentive to keep pushing. In the beginning though, you are limited to what you can do because your body is in a state of, what I like to call, “body lock.” This is your inab ility to do simple movements we were designed to do, like climb a tree, perform a pull up, or run for long distance; or very fast in short distances. Due to years of inactivity, many people cannot perform these simple functions.

Fitness programs come in many different forms but I believe there are a few important benefits that should be provided by any program you decide to get involved with:
1) Develops your flexibility
2) Builds “heart power” with cardio-targeted exercises
3) Builds lung capacity with aerobic exercises
4) Builds strength with resistance training

If your exercise training program has these four elements within it’s structure, you will be well on your way towards getting in the best physical shape of your life . . . as long as that program promotes proper diet, and mental/emotional health as well. Remember, too often people see fitness as health and that’s not how the body works. Health always comes before fitness, but – health cannot have any sustainability without fitness. It’s the physical well-being paradox, and they must both be addressed.

Many of my articles, and my classes, are geared towards overweight people, and that’s for a good reason – almost everyone today, at least here in the U.S. anyway, is either overweight or obese. And the reason why I stress mental health, emotional health, and even spiritual health, is because all three of these elements help to keep the physical health element in check. It’s so discouraging to see how people compartmentalize their lives into sections, and act like one doesn’t affect the other. How something affects one area of your life, will have an impact on how effective you are in other areas as well – life is a whole.

Overweight people are no different than skinny people, and skinny people are certainly not better, or more disciplined than fat people. They just need to be shown different avenues that are available for them to take to get to where they want to go. Even the last part of the sentence needs to be worked on as well. Many overweight folks aren’t even interested in “going” anywhere because they don’t believe they can get to their destination of being healthy and fit; so they hunker down, and decide not to do anything. Once I make them realize that they chose not to do anything, and can decide to choose something about it, the movement process is just that – a process. It doesn’t become this big, torturous event they have to get through on a daily basis. They just get to work, because they realize that work is a part of the process.

The word “exercise,” now has a negative connotation attached to it, and, literally, causes people to become upset when they hear the word. If you feel the same way about this word, realize that this is a product of many factors – one of them being your inability to take responsibility for making yourself feel good about this process. Did that sting? Should have, and it was meant to. I believe America has become too “soft;” not only in the appearance, and physical make-up, of it’s people, but in the way we think now too. We are quick to point the blame at someone, or something, instead of first examining our own motives and actions. It’s my personal belief that we train, or workout, to be better conditioned to go out “play” harder than we could have the day before. Another important reason to condition our bodies is to be able to learn combat skills in order to protect ourselves from any bodily harm someone may want to inflict upon us. And everything else we gain from being healthy and in shape, like looking great to the opposite sex, is just a positive side effect – albeit an awesome side effect.

Getting healthy and fit, the way I see it, is the most important outcome anyone (fat, obese, skinny, skinny-fat, or whatever else you might label yourself) can do to become more effective in hitting in other areas’s of their life as well. Exercise training programs, when chosen carefully, and when properly mixed with other important aspects, can, and will, will get you on the path you seek.

Now that you have an understanding of why exercise training programs are a “must” in pursuit of your health and fitness goals, I suggest you take a look at this subject with a  Big Picture perspective. Check out why Scratch Health is one of the best ways to get yourself on the life-long path of well-being, and getting you there in as little as 90 days.


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